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Full Version: The Sinister origins of the Fed. Bank in America
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Watch this. It is quite eye-opening.

Please comment and tell us your thoughts!
What do you think?

Are  you AP, Gallup, A.C. Nielsen?

I noticed in another thread you ask for a vote and a comment to justify but you fail to offer your own opinion.
Isn't this Secular News? Just saying.
I support the abolition of the Federal Reserve and fiat money; the American currency needs to be back be one of three options: Silver, Gold, or  Both (meaning Gold and Silver as the standards, as such was the case in the United States circa 1890's).

I am posting threads and postings to help foment comments, thoughts, opinions, and good discourse.  My own opinion is not particularly relevant, unless specifically requested or inquired of, by the posters in a particular thread.
I personally like the idea of currency in bottle caps, a la the Fallout series.

I've also been known to support an economy based on pouch-throwing.
I suppose, that I can be a pollster of sorts, if folks wish.  :shrug:
Ah, the IRS as a Rothschild transformer robot.  How wonderful.

Your movie is a little hysterically anti-Semitic and a little simplistic and one-sided, but anything that makes note of what a dirty bugger Wilson was can't be all bad. 
I did not find the film, anti-Semitic in the least.    To utilise such a term, is very much inane.  It is quite meaningless, unless one is referencing direct hatred of Semitic races, such as the willful extermination of those who are Jewish.  Nothing of the sort is being forwarded by anyone; nor is such something that ought to be advocated by any Catholic, with the notion be antithetical to the Holy Catholic faith.

However, Antisemitism is not advocated in the video; nor by I; nor is it permitted to be discussed in this forum as per the forum rules. 
Remember the good old days when spambots just tried to sell you things?
Yeah, I do.  Instead we've antisemitism witch-hunts! :pazzo:
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