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Full Version: Habbemus Abbatem -- Heiligenkreuz Elects New Abbot P. Maximilian Heim
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Editor: mentioned earlier because of the large number of vocations literally storming the place.

What is perhaps the most famous Monastery in the German speaking world has a new Abbot, P. Maximilian Heim, Professor for Fundamental Theology and member of the increasing Schülerkreis von Joseph Ratzinger.

P. Maximilian Heim is the new Abbot of Abbey Heiligenkreuz as has learned. Heim is the Professor for Fundamental Theology at the Phil.-Theol University of Benedict XVI. Heiligenkreuz and also a member of the Schülerkreis von Joseph Ratzinger.

Didn't they return to the traditional mass at this monastery?

(02-10-2011, 03:26 PM)richness of tradition Wrote: [ -> ]Didn't they return to the traditional mass at this monastery?

You might be thinking of Mariawald.  Heiligenkreuz has guys there who want to say it, but as far as I know they don't.  The Masses and the like are all according to the Pauline Missal.