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Full Version: US Vigil Victims of Underage Sex Trafficking - Feb 14 Noon - Planned Parenthood
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We must act swiftly and take a public stand against Planned Parenthood's harmful agenda -- raising awareness in the communities where we live, and calling upon Congress to IMMEDIATELY strip the abortion chain of all tax funding.

This Monday, February 14, all people of faith and conscience are being called upon to hold one-hour "Vigils for Victims" of human trafficking during the Noon hour in the public right-of-way outside Planned Parenthood offices nationwide.

This requires rapid action, but will show Planned Parenthood -- and the media -- the power of pro-life America to bring about change!

It’s simple! Here's all you need to do …

Find the Planned Parenthood nearest to you! Go to: 

On the right side of that web page, enter your zip code or state to find the nearest facility. Write down that information.

Make plans to gather with other people of faith and conscience on Monday, February 14, from Noon to 1 PM (in your time zone) in the public right of way outside of that Planned Parenthood location.

Know your rights! Download and print the following legal letter and fact sheet prepared for you by the attorneys at the Thomas More Legal Society (PDF file):

The most powerful form of advertising in the world is "word of mouth." With the short turnaround on this initiative, the success of each vigil will be dependent on how fast, far, and wide you spread the word to invite others to join you at Monday's vigil!

To make it easy, use or modify these "Cut & Paste" tools ...

Send an e-mail to everyone you know using the sample template (feel free to modify): 

Post an update on Facebook and send tweets on Twitter using these sample templates:

Send a press release early Monday morning to all your local media outlets announcing your local vigil, using this sample template (Word document):

Holding a vigil is completely legal, and must remain peaceful and prayerful. All communications should be focused on 3 key messages:

  1.      Planned Parenthood is aiding & abetting underage sex trafficking
  2.      Planned Parenthood is unsafe for women and girls
  3.      Tell Congress: No Tax $ for Planned Parenthood

Make signs for participants to hold at your vigil! Either get some white poster board and red and black markers to write these messages, or click the images below to get PDF files of each sign to have printed at a local copy shop on 24 x 36" paper or card stock.

(PDF's of signs available to print and rest of article at link above)