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Full Version: Shoud Lila Rose Stop?
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I've created this as a cohort to the other current thread about Lila Rose.  it seems that consensus is that the ends don't justify the means.  I agree with this, but I am still hesitant to say that it is immoral.  It is deceptive and it is entrapment- but as someone pointed out- if we can say that fighting abortion is analogous with wartime these actions would not, at least not without much debate, be deemed sinful.  We would not hold a spy during wartime who was working for just cause (of course a spy in an unjust war has no case) under the same scrutiny. 

So the topic is two-fold.  Is fighting abortion a war?  Not in an analogous sense, but a literal one.  Secondly, if it is not and she is in fact using sinful methods then the only logical conclusion we can come to from that is that she needs to stop.  Should she really stop?  I have a feeling that most of us (I can only speak for myself) think the actions to be sinful but wouldn't go so far as to say she needs to stop.  I think we need to reconcile those things to be consistent with our applications.
how could something be sinful but not worthy of being stopped?
(02-12-2011, 11:51 AM)Bakuryokuso Wrote: [ -> ]how could something be sinful but not worthy of being stopped?

Couldn't happen. 
Well In Italy during WWII there was a network oc fransicans that aided helped hid Jews from the Nazis. It was called the assassi undeground. These fransican priests forged documents, Even stole documents, lied to the Nazis used discusses and bribed to save Jews.
were they sinning?
If nor why is ndofferent to do the abvebt save adults yet a sin ro do to save babies. Thebassassi underground saved hundreds of news and the priest behind if become first e time to be awarded by isreal the ritpus ge tile award for his deeds.
Wow, the prestigious Ritpus Getile award. Seriously though, if there was a Christian persecution would we start forging documents and lying to avoid being killed or would you rather be martyred?
I would save as many as I could.  then Do my best to kill as many of the  bastards as I can before thy got me
I would not be kind.
but I would spare their pooches
Nobody familiar with Doctrinal teaching on Tyrannicide?

"Tyrannicide literally is the killing of a tyrant, and usually is taken to mean the killing of a tyrant by a private person for the common good. There are two classes of tyrants whose circumstances are widely apart — tyrants by usurpation and tyrants by oppression. A tyrant by usurpation (tyrannus in titula) is one who unjustly  displaces or attempts to displace the legitimate supreme ruler, and he can be considered in the act of usurpation or in subsequent peaceful possession of the supreme power. A tyrant by oppression (tyrannus in regimine) is a supreme ruler who uses his power arbitrarily and oppressively...

...the majority of authorized theologians say that private individuals have a tacit mandate from legitimate authority to kill the usurper when no other means of ridding the community of the tyrant are available. Some, however, e.g. Crolly (De justitia, III, 207), hold that an express mandate is needed before a private person can take on himself the office of executioner of the usurping tyrant."
Lila Rose is also fighting the sexual abuse and trafficking of girls.

Is domestic violence a it a war when someone is attacked by a mugger, rapist or kidnapper? Is it a war when one's employer
is running crooked practices and are the one who knows how to get that documentation to stop that employer's crimes? 

Is there a consensus that in incest, rape and sexual abuse, that abortion (and hushing up the STD testing/treatment) is the perpetrator's
friend in destroying evidence of his crimes?

The question is not whether Lila Rose should stop but how her efforts should be encouraged, amplified and rewarded.

Fight fire with fire. PP needs to be destroyed.
Yes it does.
Sip sip lass
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