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Full Version: Nevermind.
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Bishop Elias said that Pope John Paul II "annulled the excommunications of Freemasons." Is he referring to a specific incident, or was this a generalization?
Is this Bishop in good standing with the Holy See...Just saying, if he isn't then it will give many NO'ers an excuse to condemn him for what he said.

"This guys is one of the four "Pidhirtsi fathers" who got themselves excommunicated by Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.  In response they declared they had been secretly ordained bishops during the Communist era by Archbishop Volodymyr Sterniuk who amazingly never made mention of it to anyone.  The Catholic Church does not consider them bishops.  They then formed the Ukrainian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church which consists basically of these four and a convent of nuns and a few hundred followers.  They are not connected with the Priestly Society of St. Josaphat which is affiliated with the SSPX, neither of which is Sedevacantist.

So in answer to Fr Elias' questions:
Fr. Elias Dohnal is not a bishop and has been excommunicated from the Catholic Church which would included suspension of his priestly faculties."

(02-12-2011, 09:08 PM)Virgil the Roman Wrote: [ -> ]My mistake. It would appear, if this is one and the same, that this bishop may be excommunicated. I apologise. I naturally thought that these were members of the Ukrainian Catholic hierarchy.

I wish they were!!
However, it looks like they were "excommunicated" in 2008... I believe they once were priests under the Pope, but after they were consecrated Bishop without Holy see approval they weren't recognized.
I wish they were too. However, they are excommunicated. :( Alas.  Hence, why I deleted my other posts regarding his videos. I do not wish to lead the faithful to follow excommunicants; ergo, be led astray. 

Forgive me.
(02-12-2011, 09:20 PM)Virgil the Roman Wrote: [ -> ]However, they are excommunicated.

Good-bye and good riddance.
It's sad. I didn't mind what they said in the videos too much. I just thought they were regular Catholics trying to get the Church back on the straight, traditional path.  Too bad, they were excommunicated. Hopefully, they are reconciled in the near future.  In the videos, they were very orthodox, let's hope that they are reconciled and that Holy Mother Church is much need of plenty more such priests as bishops.