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~ Skipping towards Gomorrah ~


"..........Just as revealing were the comments posted by Soho Mass attendees in response to the Oddie article, all of whom openly displayed their opposition to Catholic teaching on homosexuality: usually dismissed as mere "Vatican doctrine" to be rejected at will. Other comments from those who have attended the Masses, but are not supportive of the dissent, were also very instructive:

    My friends and I were there at Warwick Street a few years ago when those Masses began. I myself chatted with various members of the Gay Attendees after Mass. All of them that I spoke to admitted that they were practising sex. Two Lesbians told me that they were very much in love and to defend their undying love for each other, they told me that they have been sleeping together, sharing the same bed for over 20 years. I have seen men actually kissing in the congregation. I actually seen [sic] with my own eyes, a man fondling another man's backside, rubbing him and squeezing him on the way up to Holy Communion. I have witnessed overt flirting amongst homosexuals. They seem to get extra flirty when Fr Timothy Radcliffe is the celebrant ...

And from another blogger:

    I can confirm, as one who went along to one of these Masses, and then went "downstairs" (to the hall underneath the church) for tea afterwards, that the vast majority of the men there were quite open a) about their dissent from Church teaching; b) their disliking of the Pope; c) the fact that they had "boyfriends"..."