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Full Version: Taking some time off
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Dear fellow Fish Eaters,
I've decided that it would be best for me to take some time away from the forum and from the Internet in general (God willing).  In all honesty, I need to put greater focus on my spiritual/devotional life and not concern myself so much with matters of doctrine (I need to live as a Christian ought to).  I think it would be much better if I put into practice those things I profess to believe.  And on that note, I am extremely grateful for this Web site and forum, not only because it's increased my understanding of the true Faith, but also because it's offered me so much information on traditional Catholic prayers and devotions (including links to spiritual works available online).  Sadly, my prayer life is pitiful and I am in need of better following the laws of the Church (i.e. the Third Commandment).  So, I would kindly ask for your prayers that I will better listen to God's prompting to pray more and to receive the sacraments, especially Penance.  Know that I will surely pray for all of you and whatever needs you may have.  Pray  You are all great friends and I hope to be back soon, after I've taken care of what desperately needs to be done.

God bless,



P.S. - Please also pray that I stick by what I've written; I can no longer think that I have "X amount of time" before I really need to go to Confession.  Pray  Thank you and God bless!
I, too, fall into the problem of speaking and reading about doctrine all day long, but then put it to practice miserably.  I hope the break leads you closer to Christ.  Come back and help the rest of us then. 

I greatly appreciate your posts and am going to miss you while you are gone.  I hope your time away is spiritually profitable and you are able to return soon.
God bless Jim! Pray See you on the flipside!
Have a good break.  An Ave for you. Pray  Know you are welcome back when you are ready. Smile
Live as Christ wills you to live. God bless you.

You and your posts will be very missed until your return.

But this is one of the good functions of the forum: it often induces a deep study of the Faith that awakens a powerful zeal to live it to the best of our potential.

I, too, have taken a leave of absence from the forum and probably will be absent from it for some time, though I can't say that my all my reasons are as admirable as yours...

Pax tecum,