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Hello all,

Joining from southeastern Wisconsin.  I just found this forum, though I've heard of it before.

Oh, and incase anyone here was trying to snag it: I'm the lucky duck with 'thomist @ gmail dot com' as my email address, back in the very beginning of that service Wink

Dude!  I'm from SE Wisconsin as well.

Soo many Wisconsinites on this forum.  Smile 

Welcome to the tank!  Cheers!
speaking of WI. Seen this?

HR:  Yeah, people are flippin' about the loss of collective bargaining.
Yeah, I am keenly aware of what has been going on in Madison. 

I have to admit: I'm not too surprised on the large Wisconsin contingent.  For a state that almost always turns blue come election time, there are some very traditional/conservative conclaves.
Been to Wisconsin once and loved it.

Welcome to Fisheaters.
welcome, enjoy yourself on the forum!