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Full Version: There is No Such Thing as a Homosexual Catholic Priest
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(03-06-2011, 01:30 PM)justlurking Wrote: [ -> ]I think homosexuality is a cerebral issue because I notice in homosexuals certain non sexual tendencies, certain over representations of them in certain areas that can't be explained with conspiracies or calling it deliberated behaviour

For example, I am sure that if I go to the Opera to watch Madame Butterfly or Carmen, homosexuals in the audience will be extremely over represented in comparison to the real % of homosexuals in the regular population of the country.

Like that I can think of many other things, and I don't think they read some book on how to be a stereotypical homosexual. Basically, homosexuality affects them beyond their sexuality.

My opinion based solely on observation is that there are different kinds of reasons for homosexual behavior.  Guys in prison, for example, probably don't fall into what I call the "Hollywood Musical" class of homosexuals.  They might, but I don't think that's the case. I think if science is ever allowed to objectively examine the issue, they will find multiple causes with each cause resulting in a different "kind" of homosexual person.

But, really, I have no idea, and more importantly, from a moral theology standpoint the cause is irrelevant unless it goes to culpability.  Sodomitic acts are always sinful and are to be avoided even if one is not completely culpable.
I agree with you,
the uncle of my father went to jail because of fraud, and in jail he became a homosexual, he had never displayed any kind of homosexual behaviour before going to jail.

And it is true that no matter what is the cause for it, it is still an irrational abomination, a grotesque imitation of real sex incapable of producing life.
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