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Full Version: Whats some good Lenten reading?
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During Lent I try to read The Passion of the Christ - Bl Anne Catherine Emmerich
The Passion According to the Gospels - Thomas A Kempis
And of course more scripture
Does anybody have any other suggestions?
Excellent book:

The Mystery of Jesus

Also Excellent and worth every penny:

Imitation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

An online edition of the Imitation can be viewed at the link below, although I recommend the actual book for spiritual reading:

I think books about the last seven things Our Lord said on the Cross are good Lenten readings. The Last Seven Words by Fulton Sheen is pretty popular. Personally, I like St. Robert Bellarmine's "The Seven Words on the Cross" the best. It's actually available completely online here. It has a total of 38 chapters (12 in the Book I and 26 in Book II) which gives you about a chapter a day for Lent
Sounds good guys. Thank you. Keep um coming.
Here's a pdf with a book of works from St. Alphonsus Liguori on the Passion of Christ. There's a lot of different readings, meditations, and exercises you can use including one set specifically designed for the last 15 days of Lent.
I would recommend the revelations of St. Bridget of Sweden. In my opinion, there exists no better (excluding the bible) words from our Lord regarding the reality of Hell and on how to live a virtues living.

Try them out,

Thanks everyone!
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