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Full Version: So I was at Mass...
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And there were some folks visiting and sat behind us.  Not uncommon, TLM, so something of a destination church.  Four of them, upper 20s.  They were talking about how they normally go to some kind of non-denominational church that is normally like a christian rock concert.

The leader just could not stop making plainly audible comments.  They ranged from making disparaging remarks about the priest (sexual abuse things and altar boys), to criticizing the liturgy as a bunch of drivel and nonsense (though he used more colorful terms), to declaring that 80% of the congregants probably were a bunch of oppressed inbreds who never went to college. 

Needless to say, it was quite distracting not only for the noise but for the content.  He was also popping bubble gum out of some kind of cellophane wrapper throughout. 

I'm normally someone who is fine with confronting people where appropriate.  But it did not seem appropriate to turn around and scold, warn, etc someone in the middle of mass. 

Thoughts?  Confront it head on or just try to politely ignore, something in between?

I would have gotten up and moved.
How strange. Why would a bunch of Protestants walk into a TLM?

Re your question. I think I would have looked back at them once or twice, then moved if the noise persisted.
I would've glared with daggers and then told them to either kindly be quiet or leave.
Yeah, I was there with the wifey and the toddler so we were of course limited to the last several rows which function as the swelled children's section.  So moving would have put us in the wrong section and would have disrupted others, IF we could find a spot.  My wife was oblivious: wish I was more like her.   Rolling eyes
I would have invited him outside to further discuss and share his opinions with a five knuckle sandwich.
Tell them to be respectful in God's holy temple.
At my parish, most of the men have concealed carry permits. No one has ever caused problems has ever come back...I wonder if the two are related? jk. No one has killed anyone.

I would have kindly asked them to be quiet or leave. However, growing up my grandmother would pinch the hell out of our arms or legs if we even breathed wrong at church.
(02-23-2011, 11:35 PM)Virgil the Roman Wrote: [ -> ]Tell them to be respectful in God's holy temple.

(02-24-2011, 12:46 AM)Baskerville Wrote: [ -> ]
(02-23-2011, 11:35 PM)Virgil the Roman Wrote: [ -> ]Tell them to be respectful in God's holy temple.


And if they don't comply, chase them away with whips and fists.

God will not be mocked.
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