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Full Version: Judge Assigns penance in Church as Punishment
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Judge Assigns Penance in Church as Punishment

Restorative Extra-Judicial Justice

In Italy two youth who were brought to trial for robbery must also "do penance" in the Church...

Mestre ( In the Italian city of Mestre two convicted minors have received an unusual punishment, as the Austrian daily 'Kurier' reported:  A 15 year old and a 16 year old, members of a youth gang, were charged with robbery and extortion.

The judge decided for the following "judgment":  The boys must go to Mass every Sunday to Mass.  They must get volunteer jobs, earn good grades in school and apologize to their victims.
Right on to his honor!
Bravo !

The local pastor should train them up as altar servers, try and instil a sense of respect into their heads (assuming the pastor himself is reverent and respectful to Our Lord and Saviour in the Sacrament).
I approve!  Applause
Awesome.  Smile
It'll get overruled by the European Court of Human Rights as cruel and unusual punishment or something. These are the same loons who decided inmates should vote, and just recently in England, that evicting a tenant violates her human rights!
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I wish we could hand that one out in america now days maybe it would straighten the kids out.  I know not so many decades ago, God was invoked and religion was quite intigral in court, though sometimes for their own gaines and bigotry.