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Full Version: Deathbed rescue of scrupulous religious
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Deathbed rescue of scrupulous religious

Father Engelgrave relates that a certain religious was so tormented with scruples, that he was sometimes almost driven to despair; but as he had the greatest devotion to Mary in Sorrow, he always had recourse to her in his interior agonies, and felt himself consoled whilst meditating on her dolors.

Death came, and the devil then tormented him more than ever with scruples, and tempted him to despair. When, behold, the compassionate Mother seeing her poor son in such anguish, appeared to him, saying:

"And thou, my son, why art thou so overcome with sorrow? Why fearest thou so much?  Thou who hast so often consoled me by pitying me in my sorrows.

But now," she added, "Jesus sends me to console thee; be comforted, then; rejoice, and come with me to heaven." On hearing these consoling words, the devout religious, filled with joy and confidence, tranquilly expired.

(Source: The Glories of Mary, by Saint Alphonsus de Ligouri)

How beautiful. Let's never forget to find our protection in the mantle of Our Lady.