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Full Version: Mercy of God converts murderer
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Mercy of God converts murderer


The disciple relates that there was a poor sinner who, among other crimes which he had committed, had killed his father and a brother, and therefore was a fugitive.

One day in Lent, hearing a sermon on the Divine mercy, he went immediately to confess his sins to the preacher. The confessor, on hearing the enormous crimes which he had committed, sent him to an altar of Mary in Sorrow, that she might obtain him contrition, and the pardon of his sins.

The sinner obeyed, and began to pray; when, behold, he suddenly dropped down dead from excess of grief. On the following day, when the priest recommended the deceased to the prayers of the people, a white dove appeared in the church, and let a card drop at his feet.

The priest took it up, and found the following words written upon it: "The soul of the deceased, on leaving his body, went straight to heaven. Continue thou to preach the infinite mercy of God."

(Source: The Glories of Mary, by Saint Alphonsus de Ligouri)