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Full Version: Nurse Accuses Catholic Hospital of Firing Her Over Abortion Allegation
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:readrules: Wrote:Don't just post URLs with no summaries, no effort at explaining what the URLs link to. Preferred is the posting of entire articles (or, if they're extremely long, their relevant parts) -- and especially preferred is the posting of articles accompanied by some of your own commentary. It makes things much more interesting and stimulates responses! And please cite sources!
I was not aware that I should post the entire article or a summary, feeling that a link with the headline provided enough information for those so inclined to click through to the relevant news article. Given that the subject line includes the words abortion and Catholic, it never occurred to me that people would not find that informative enough. I posted it because outside of our geographical area it is not being reported on. I thought that was strange as it involves Archbishop Gomez, who is very much in the news now in Los Angeles, but hey, I'm no conspiracy nut. But since you suggest it, I'll take the helpful suggestion and post a summary and my comments. Given that we had a death today and I'm also worried about relatives it's going to be discombobulated so click through to the article links.

Christus Santa Rosa, a hospital and health system in Texas, is being sued by a former nurse, Tammy Perez.  She alleges that an abortion took place there and that the patient told her that there was no miscarriage, that the baby was smaller than normal and that she, the patient, had five other children at home and did not want anymore. The hospital won a decison that keeps the focus away from whether an abortion took place. The judge has issued a decision saying that the word "abortion " is to be restricted. The hospital seems concerned about coverage in the news, and requested a gag order keeping attorneys and Tammy Perez from talking to the media.  The article I posted also says that she initially approached her parish pastor and hospital personnel, and was assured at some time of being protected as a whistleblower. The article also says "Tammy Perez, a self-described devout Catholic, said the Archdiocese of San Antonio dragged its feet on the matter. Then, she said, it left her in the cold by siding with the hospital in denying that an abortion occurred. 

There is now a second article about the trial.

This is the archdiocese, with  Archbishops Gomez and Garcia-Siller and Bishop Cantu at it's head, that has had problems with pedophile priests, with another suit filed recently, a history, IMO, of hostility to the TLM, and allowed a homosexual mass for 15 years that was well known nationwide and described as the only Dignity mass offered in a Catholic Church. So when someone comes along and seems to say in a lawsuit that the Archdiocese of San Antonio basically hung her out to dry , and the reaction from the hospital is to fire the employee, get gag orders and  get the judge to restrict the focus away from abortion , well, it makes me wonder if there is something here that someone wants covered up. Having had personal interactions with some of the individuals mentioned, I am not surprised that Tammy Perez is disappointed in the church hierarchy of San Antonio.  Other Catholics in San Antonio feel the same disappointment, and have experienced the inertia and foot dragging that infects the chancery. CYO is probably a mantra in La Fortaleza, not WWJD.

I hope that both sides are allowed to put on  a full case and that the Catholic hospital realizes that getting gag orders and restrictions placed on the word abortion does not present them on a very good light. Please pray for all involved.

CYA, not CYO. sheesh. CYA, not WWJD. Apologies for the mistake..

Anyway, there is more coverage about the trial. Today Father Martin Leopold, Moderator of the Curia, in the press referred to as the head administrator of the archdiocese, will testify. A witness yesterday, Dr. Martha Garza, testified that it was Archbishop Gomez that showed a confidential pathology report. You can read more here:
There's absolutely nothing that would surprise me about goings-on in this diocese. I'd probably be jaded enough even if Cardinal Burke were in charge. Though I think some sort of medical botch or malpractice is a more likely explanation than an outright abortion. (What sort of doctor at a Catholic hospital, even an evil one, would be willing to stick his neck out and risk a scandal for this woman just because she doesn't want any more kids? From a pragmatic sense, it doesn't add up.)

Yet malpractice would still warrant a cover-up from the Church hierarchy, if the A word were being thrown around.

HK, I wonder if the doctor, Dr. Martha Garza, is the same Dr. Martha Garza that is well known here for her pro-life activities, being the president of Hispanic Alliance for Life, and former regional director for  Catholic Medical Association. She has a very good reputation as a devout Catholic and there are many articles about her.

About two years ago a report was released about abortions and sterilzations in Catholic hospitals in Texas. 39 abortions and 9684 sterilzations were allegedly performed.

I don't seem to remember Archbishop Gomez commenting on it, I know Bishop Corrada certainly did. He publicly apologized, ordered sterilzations to stop and reaffirmed Catholic teaching. Did Bishop Cantu say anything?
If you have been following the trial, Father Martin Leopold testified yesterday. Nothing he said was unexpected, still saying it's the nurse's fault. Dr. Martha Garza took the stand again, and stated again that it was Archbishop Gomez who provided the pathology report and that it was sitting on his desk when they came in. Leopold said that neither he nor the archbishop provided the document. Today will be concluding arguments. It will be up to the jury to decide whether to take Father Leopold's word or to believe the testimonies of the nurse and doctor.

In my opinion, this is an archdiocese that is very troubled. Pray that this finally gets the attention of the Vatican. Sometimes a body  gets to feeling that the emphasis and spotlight has been on the poster child of the "rising Hispanic Superstar priest/bishop/archbishop" instead of on Church teachings.
The jury ruled in favor of CSR. Tammy Perez claimed that slurs targting her religious faith were used against her, apparently something that the hospital did not deny. Keep in mind that this is a Catholic hospital.
From the article:

"The hospital's attorneys also argued the religious slurs against Perez were not damaging because Perez described herself as a devoted Catholic."

Click through to the entire article.

I wonder how many Catholics will now keep silent if they are ever faced with the dilemma Tammy Perez said she was faced with, given the outcome of the trial.Pray for San Antonio, and for Tammy Perez and Dr.  Garza.