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Full Version: Schola Peregrina lays seige on Shiner, Texas
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Pages: 1 2 a Gregorian Chant metaphorical sense, anyways.

Shiner Brewery closed on Sundays though. BOOOOO! So we could not lay waste and conquer this time. 

Here are two videos we took, chanting Invocabit Me, and Qui Habitat.  Several of us are fishies here, Rbjmartin far right, HK, me, and Elwin Ransom.

Rbjmartin and HK chanted this just masterfully. Hope everyone enjoys.

On the way back home, we had to stop at Buc-ee's. Technically, it's a truck stop, but that description fails miserably to describe it. Take a truck stop and smash it into LAX, any high end Mall, and a meat market, and you can begin to understand Buc-ee's. So HK and RBJ strike a pose. HK is a big big fan of Buc-ee as you can see here.

[Image: bucees.JPG]

(Qui Habitat is still processing in Youtube, so give it a minute if not up. That's how hot off the press this is)

Buc-ee's was.... a temple to America. Not sure how else to describe it.

Never seen myself chanting until now. I'm swaying way too much in that first video.
Hey, can you upload these in 720p or higher?
Indeed. Don't know why Invocabit came out so lo-fi. I think Qui came out a little better, though ran them the same way.  ???
We laid seige and we won.
Listening to it now. Sounds great. You guys put much time and effort into this.
Few more.

Re-mastered Invoabit Me

Credo I

Scapulis Suis
Wow, very nice, gentlemen!  If we ever make an honorary FE schola, you guys are it!

Holy Mackerel! Y'all sound like a bunch of professional monks or something LOL For real, you guys sound absolutely great -- beautiful! So cool to have heard this... (Quis ran down stairs to me and was all "You have to hear this!")
Yea well you could pass for the monks of de silos even though there are just four of you singing, and they have all the famed chant cds, it sounds like you have more then four or five though.
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