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Full Version: Happy Feast of St. Joseph!
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My main issue with believing in such a prerogative for St. Joseph is that such an idea seems absolutely absent in the early Church.  Additionally, the cult of St. Joseph is, outside of Egypt (which was especially devoted to him because he brought Jesus and Mary to Egypt), relatively late in developing and not terribly widespread before the eighth or ninth century.  It's only with the growth of his cult from the middle ages to the height of devotion to Joseph in the last couple of centuries that he has made inroads in the liturgy.  If you think about the great liturgical prayers that list the saints, St. Joseph is either a late addition or totally absent, and in all events listed after St. John the Baptist: the Roman Canon (absent until added by Bl. John XXIII), the Confiteor (absent–the Baptist listed after the Virgin and St. Michael), the Litany (listed after the Baptist; I suspect he was absent in the earliest forms of the Litany, though I can't prove that). 

The Suffrage of the Saints in the Pius X-era Breviary reflects the more recent exaltation of St. Joseph in Catholic piety - the Suffrage was designed to replace the multiplication of commemorations, one of which was St. Joseph.  It is important to note, however, that this prayer admits the addition of the local patron saint.  The patron's name is inserted after Ss. Peter and Paul UNLESS the patron is St. John the Baptist or one of the Holy Angels, in which case the patron is inserted after our Lady BEFORE St. Joseph.  This seems to indicate that the Baptist precedes St. Joseph in liturgical dignity.

As to St. John the Baptist being cleansed from original sin in utero, I have actually never much thought about it, but I suppose that since he was filled with the Holy Ghost from his mother's womb, that would be the natural inference, and if that is the general sense in which the Fathers and the Church have understood that passage, I am not going to argue with that!
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Interesting article from the Remnant about St. Joseph. For the record, I don't believe he was assumed into Heaven body and soul, but it's a good article nonetheless.
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