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Full Version: Fr. Corapi's "deep pockets"
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Yeah, the looking like LaVey thing did cross my mind.  :laughing:

It might not be his fault.  TV is still TV.  The marketers may have talked him into it. Probably a bunch worked for hair-slicked televangelists before and wanted him to fix his "look" so he could compete with Robert Tilton.

EWTN pulls stuff and tries to rewrite history all the time.  They edit theological mistakes out of programs (which is a good thing) without mentioning it was edited for accuracy (which is a bad thing and dishonest).  There were other priests that had shows, got in trouble, and they hid the shows and removed all mention of them from their website, etc.

Then there was this infamous incident first reported on FE:

They may be pulling it to honor the order of the bishop suspending him from ministry, which is a good and obedient thing.  The test will be if something bad comes out and they try and pretend he never existed.
(03-21-2011, 04:55 PM)The_Harlequin_King Wrote: [ -> ]
(03-21-2011, 04:50 PM)Pilgrim Wrote: [ -> ]That makes sense, of course.  I know that priests get paid for their position.  I guess I just get confused on what they do with that money.  Do they have to spend it on rent and food just like the rest of us?

Most priests (not the idealized kind) presumably have hobbies. Reverend Father Corapi does hunting, at least based on one picture I saw. And while the ideal priest prays and ministers to people all the time, surely we all know of priests who spend more time hanging out in the rectory or driving nice cars. For the unscrupulous man, diocesan priesthood can be one of the cushiest jobs ever. After all, it's pretty much impossible to be fired.

They can accumulate a lot of money, too, without having won a big settlement in a lawsuit.  People think they're poor so they often give them money for their birthdays, Christmas, Jubilees.  Then there's the money they're given by the family for celebrating Mass for a funeral, wedding, baptism, and the Mass stipends for all the week's Masses, which the priest gets to keep.  (Lots of people don't realize that the Mass stipends go in the priest's pocket, not the parish funds.) 

A priest can eat out pretty much every night of the week if he wants to, which certainly cuts down on his expenses, and people also give him food and booze as gifts.  Parishioners will also spring for their priest's vacation -- a cruise or skiing trip, that sort of thing. 

It's a very cushy job for most priests and they don't get fired unless they get involved in a sex scandal, and even then, they may not be kicked out of the priesthood.
If the scandal involved sex with consenting adults, they may go to live in a treatment center for priests with problems, continuing to be supported by the diocese for the rest of their lives.  We had a case like that here and I doubt it was the only one we've had.  But when it's your archbishop, everybody knows.  The man likely would have been a cardinal working in the Vatican within ten years, maybe less, if he hadn't gotten involved with that woman.  He was going places in the Church until he went off the deep end with her. Oh well.

(03-22-2011, 12:42 AM)Adam Wayne Wrote: [ -> ]He looked completely uncomfortable when he was gving the homily the next day on EWTN's Mass. Actually it wasn't the homily that made him look uncomfortable. It was when he  observed the other priest confecting the Eucharist. It made me uncomfortable. And I sensed there was something wrong with him. Just a gut feeling. He did not seem like a priest to me. And my definition of a priest, is one who offers the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. He looked like a caricature. When I mentioned this on another forum, someone threatened to knock my teeth out.

What are you talking about?  What was "the next day"?  The next day from when?  After the accusations?

I don't put a lot of stock into people's interpretations of other people's expressions.  The day after any big, televised event, listen to the talk around the water cooler, and you'll hear multiple interpretations of how "so-and-so looked."  As an example, when President Bush made his speech before Congress after 9-11, Hilary Clinton wore a bright fuschia suit, and the cameras kept panning to her.  The next day, I heard people on either side of the political spectrum declaring she had looked:  pissed, upset, jealous, bored ... you get the picture.

I don't like the dyeing of the beard, but this doesn't indicate anything other than perhaps vanity.  It certainly isn't proof that he did any of the things he's accused of.
Since I've not had a TV since 1999, and have only "heard" Fr. Corapi on the radio, I must say those recent photographs are a bit unsettling.
He has a video out there explaining the change in appearance - he was overweight and needed to lose it (and did).  I'm not sure about the dyed beard, though.  That does seem a bit odd, especially considering his line of work, where gray hair would be seen as a sign of age and experience and wisdom.
That last picture with the dyed beard really gives my Catholic-o-meter a start. I hope none of this is true, as I like Fr. Corapi, and that new "look" has to go. For what ever reason I can intellectualize the pederast scandal and wade through the mire to get at certain facts, and while I get angry I can keep my head even realizing it is Satanic in nature. But these scandals including Fr. Francis and Fr. Cutie and fr. Euteneuer and now Fr. Corapi give me a scare because it appears to me Lucifer is opening another front in the war. It gives me the willys.

I just don't understand why a public figure, especially a religious one,  would reappear suddenly with a black beard - as if we wouldn't notice, or know what's happening here. It comes across as vain. Of course if those accusations are true then Fr. Corapi has issues other than vanity to work on. SIGH. Don't we all?
Fr Corapi, member of SOLT, the order that also has one exraordinary, holy priest, Fr Santan Pinto, who I have met and who actually read my soul several years ago and who must surely know about this. I would love to know what his thoughts are. Fr Pinto is truly gifted from God, and believe me, I know this first hand,from my own personal experience with him, must surely know the truth about this. I also met Fr Corapi once, and he struck me as a little to full of himself, IMHO.
(03-22-2011, 02:01 PM)StrictCatholicGirl Wrote: [ -> ]I just don't understand why a public figure, especially a religious one,  would reappear suddenly with a black beard - as if we wouldn't notice, or know what's happening here. It comes across as vain. Of course if those accusations are true then Fr. Corapi has issues other than vanity to work on. SIGH. Don't we all?

Through the years he has converted many souls and has been a great inspiration.  The devil seems to be attacking especially those reaching the masses through the use of television,
radio, etc.. The demons of the air are very busy today.

Now with that said,  he was warned by a friend years ago, that a feminist (possibly new ager) was working for him and was warned that she would bring him down.  She had an agenda, and
this new look has a woman's touch all over it, imo.  He is innocent perhaps gullible or imprudent, but innocent.  Sigh, this could have been avoided.  Holy Mother Church is being dragged to

Our Lady of Good Success pray for us!
To Holy Souls,

When I was referring to the "next day", I was speaking of his participation at Mass after his appearence on Fr. Mitch Pacwa's program. Which you may not know, but was hailed as sort of a homecoming as he had limited public appearances at the time and a long hiatus from EWTN. I have not seen him in any capacity on television since his leave and his priestly faculties were removed. I apologize if I was not clear in that regard. He stood behind the priest reciting the Eucharistic Prayers and confecting the Host and looked completely out of place. It looked like he hadn't been around an Altar in quite some time. In fact, he looked something like a clown. Maybe that was just the dyed eyebrows and beard along with the LA Tan look over his clean shaven head.

This was at least 6 months ago, maybe 9. I can't recall as time is moving so fast the older I get.
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