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Full Version: Christian Palestinian victim 'stabbed 10 times [allegededly] by Zionist haredim'
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Editor: You've got to pick a side.  We're on the Catholic side, every day, all day, to the death.  If a Jew fell upon a Catholic in Palestine, would anyone hear about it?  Let's hope the Israeli government, which has almost nothing to do with authentic Judaism as many Orthodox Rabbis will attest, does something to put a stop to this.  Christians have been leaving Palestine over many years for obvious reasons.
Hassan Shaalan
Published: 03.20.11

Alber Halul, who was stabbed Saturday night by a group of masked men he claims are haredim, recounted the attack Sunday. "They threatened to shoot us if we resisted and stabbed me 10 times – in my head, my leg, and my neck," he told Ynet.

Halul, a 22-year old Christian Arab from the Galilee town of Gush Halav, was assaulted while with a group of friends at Ein Zeitim forest, near Safed.

He says that at around 12:30 am two vehicles arrived at their gathering place and eight masked men alighted, and attacked them. Halul is currently being treated for wounds in his back, head, and legs at Ziv Hospital in Safed.
We certainly r onthe catholic side.
Deus  Vult!!!