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Full Version: Busted Halo - Confession 101 Tools
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For those who havn't been in a while, a very loose video primer in two parts, plus some .pdf files:

Likely to be of use for any lapsed souls contemplating a return to the fold this Lent, so I'm sharing it here so anyone can pass it along if needed.  But this is definitely "101" not advanced sacramental theoplogy, so you're warned.
I think of paramount importance is the selection of the priest.  Someone with anxiety over this, who hasn't gone in years, may be turned off that much more when they go and find an indifferent or heretical priest.

We all fear the "fire and brimstone" priest (at least until you spiritually mature) but even worse is the candy and lollipops "Oh that's not a sin." type of priest. 

You want to look for holiness in a priest. 

One of my tips when dealing with diocesan (non-trad)  confessions is to get there early before confessions start and watch the behavior of the priest before he enters the confessional. I've seen the same church with two priests, one sort of bows and the other genuflects.  As confessors the comparison carries.  The priest who genuflects talks about prayer life, sanctity and resisting sin by getting the grace of the sacraments.  The other talks about how "God just loves you." and makes no effort to help a person become better in their behavior.  For one it's a supernatural sacrament, for the other it's a psychological ritual.