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Full Version: Soylent Green is REAL
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Editor: the Frankenstein labs have come up with a trick out of science fiction to help solve world hunger.  There was a famous film called, "Soylent Green".  It's a film based on a novel called, Make Room! Make Room!, by Harry Harrison describing a dystopic future where the world is driven to starvation because of malthusian-like overpopulation.  Despite the fact that the malthusian thesis has not come to pass, our masters have decided to get us interested in marketing some exiting ideas related to cannibalism.
Twisted bastards!!
It's people, you know.
What a coincidence.  Vox and I watched this just the other night.  I love old sci-fi.
Would anyone like a biscuit.
Soylent Green, Yikes!  :o  I remember watching that movie at the theater when I was a kid in the early '70s.  It seemed so far fetched to me at the time.  Now, it seems oh, so real...  :puke:
You know, the newest issue of the Remnant discusses a biotech company using  cells from aborted babies to create artificial flavor enhancers for major food companies like Kraft, Nestle, and PepsiCo. It isn't exactly the same thing as soylent green, but it's pretty close.