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Full Version: Easter Triduum question
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OK...remembering another thread on here I am assuming it's OK to have the Traditional Easter Vigil Mass count for Easter Sunday. Usually I like to go to the Easter Triduum Masses at the St. Benedict Center in Still River, MA. Because of my financial situation I am not able to stay for all four days like I was last year. So I had to pick which services I can go to. I have chosen Good Friday and the Easter Vigil. I am just making sure it's OK to count the Vigil Mass for my Easter obligation. There is a chance I could get to Easter Sunday Mass back at home but that will depend on what time I get home on Saturday night/Sunday morning after the Vigil.

Well, the wife and I are doing the same thing (similar). We saved enough to stay Thursday night through Sunday morning when we must return to home. so we'll get Holy Thursday, Good Friday, & Easter Vigil.

Its all we can do financially. And as we have to drive 120 miles each way, we have to leave very early Sunday morning to get home to help my elderly sister.

The Easter Vigil is absolutely counted as Easter Sunday, is the first and best of the Easter Masses.  It's like Christmas Eve Midnight Mass compared to the rest of the Christmas Masses.