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Full Version: Father Corapi is Back on EWTN.
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Editor: There were a few out there who wanted to compare apples and oranges when it came to Father Corapi.  They tried to compare him to the effeminate and gay friendly Cardinal Bernardine and other soft-spoken and ineffectual Bishops who've been accused, credibly or not.  They also complained about how it was his celebrity status which brought him down, irresponsibly speculating on something which hadn't happened as if it had.  There are quite a few out there who can barely conceal their resentment at Father Corapi, which has taken a moment like this to make itself heard like chorus of malignant toads.  Despite the fact that priests who are accused of homosexual predation don't get suspended when they're accused, credibly or not, there isn't such leniency for Father Corapi, he's got too many enemies.  Of course, there's been a long standing animus against Fr. Corapi from the beginning by people of unsavory connections and activities.

Of course, there's no official statement as yet, but Father Corapi was back on EWTN again.
Here's the letter Father wrote to a person who'd sent him a medal:

    Before I ever heard of The Message of Garabandal The Mother of God, in a very personal way, made it known to me. She made me acutely aware of certain things concerning the Eucharist. These abuses I became aware of cause me much suffering. I often cry at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and I very often cry at night, not sleeping at all.

    Whenever I would doubt this insight, almost immediately I would be given a sign to confirm that what I was feeling was correct. Some examples: (1) Seeing the priest at a church daily fail to Purify the Paten & Chalice and profanely disgarding the consecrated Host and Precious Blood down a drain! (2) Hearing homilies that state that no longer do we owe primary allegiance to the Pope, but rather to local Bishops who are more aware of our needs! (3) Listening to a Diocesan Vocation Director tell me that his Diocese would not be interested in Ordaining any man who was not open to Priests being able to marry and to serve a limited term as a Priest (Like an Army enlistment)! To say that I suffer to hear these things would be to say the least. However, there is a purpose to it all. My dear friend, the Mother of God, wants me to be aware of these dangers so that I can help her to wage war against the enemy. She has given me a vocation to the Priesthood so that I might help her to bring back holiness to her Son�s Church and end these horrible abuses of the Eucharist.

    There are many who do not wish to see me become a Priest because of my fierce loyalty to the Vicar of Christ and my outspoken defense of him and my condemnation of certain irreverent and even profane practices I see today. I have enemies because of this. So too did Our Beloved Saviour have enemies.

    I have had to endure abuse and suffering because my views are now not popular with the local clergy. They call me a fanatic and say my views are outdated. Luckily, there are 3 archbishops (retired) who agree with me and protect me � gaining admittance for me to a good Orthodox Seminary where my views are generally shared.

    I know very well that my vocation will be that of a soldier engaged in a mortal combat. There will be more and worse suffering for all of us to endure. That is fine, for, as we know, Our Blessed Lord did not tell us to take up a bed of Roses and follow him. He said to take up a CROSS and follow Him! By the Grace of Almighty God and the Holy assistance and intercession of Our Good Friend � The Mother of God � I shall do so!

    Being a weak and miserable creature that I am, I am much in need of Prayer. Please pray for me that I might be all that Our Blessed Mother wishes me to be.
That letter is from when he was in seminary in 1984. That and his mention of Garabandal makes me pause. No wonder I've heard him say he is always armed and dangerous, and then lift up his rosary.

Doesn'y Garabandal speak of the apostasy and the evils in the Church stemming from the Council?  I always wonder how Father Corapi is not a traditionalist.  This makes it even harder to understand.
:chleader: While I haven't listened to him much,I'm glad he's back on,especially for those who do listen to him.Haven't read Our Lady's messages at Garabandal in ages, but I believe she does mention such things.He's right, the followers of evil are everywhere and we have to have faith in Jesus to arm ourselves against the foe.I pray everything works out for him.
This is where Fr. Malachi Martin's "super force" comes to play. He migh be boxed in and is doing what he can to go around it. I would sure like to hear just what went on and if it was an attack from the ticked off woman. Every day I check to see if Conchita has a press release with the message she is supposed to deliver at that specific time.

Does anybody know why yet? Is there not enough evidence to convict Fr. Corapi? Or has EWTN bowed to his innumerable fans threatening to withdraw support? I wonder..
(04-07-2011, 03:19 PM)Lavalliere Wrote: [ -> ]False alarm!

Whoops. Well, I'm not able to read that link. All I know is our local Catholic radio and EWTN affiliate is NOT airing Fr. Corapi... today!
Here's the pertinent stuff;

Information is better than speculation (and it seems like the Corapi story has had aspects of opaqueness and obfuscation from the start) so I wrote to EWTN for clarification.

EWTN’s Director of Communications, Michelle Johnson was kind enough to respond:

“EWTN is not airing Father’s programs. If local EWTN radio affiliates wish to air programs to which they have the rights, they certainly may.”

For those who are still stymied about why EWTN or other outlets may not be airing Corapi’s work, this statement from Relevant Radio is really very helpful – here is an excerpt:

1) No cleric carries out the sacred ministry in his own name. He ministers at the will of his proper ecclesiastical authority, the bishop or religious superior as the case may be. The mission of the priest is to assist in teaching, sanctifying and governing. He has no right to do this on his own.

While the principle “innocent until proven guilty” still holds in canon law, it would be a mistake to hold that any cleric ever has a right to exercise the public ministry without his Bishop/Superior’s express permission, which can be withdrawn for prudential reasons.
Canon 822 §3 addresses the special duty of those involved with the media in this regard:
a. “All Christ’s faithful, especially those who in any way take part in the management or use of the media, are to be diligent in assisting pastoral action, so that the Church can more effectively exercise its office through these means.”
“To assist in pastoral action” means to cooperate with the proper ecclesiastical authorities. In the case of Fr. Corapi, Catholic media outlets will assist the process by supporting the indications and intentions of his superiors with respect to his temporary suspension from the public ministry of teaching, sanctifying, and governing. By continuing to air his programs claiming that he is “innocent until proven guilty,” a Catholic media outlet may unintentionally undermine the authority of [Fr. Corapi's] superior by leading the faithful to conclude that the superior unjustly put him on “administrative leave” because the allegations were not credible. It is entirely up to the proper ecclesiastical authority (bishop/superior) to determine if the complaint has merit, or the allegations are credible. Any dereliction in this duty would either harm the community or the defendant.

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