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Full Version: High Up, Let Down by Pope Benedict
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The Holy See has given official confirmation that next October 27, in Assisi, Benedict XVI will preside over a day of "reflection, dialogue and prayer" together with Christians of other confessions, with representatives of other religions and with "men of good will."

The encounter will take place twenty-five years after the one that has become famous, convened by John Paul II. Joseph Ratzinger, as a cardinal, did not take part in it. And he has already made it known that, with him as pope, the next encounter in Assisi will be reviewed and corrected, scrubbed clean of  the slightest hint of the assimilation of the Catholic Church to other faiths.

But all the same, the traditionalists are not forgiving him for this. Some of them have signed a critical appeal. The "spirit of Assisi," in their view, is part of a more general confusion that is disrupting Catholic doctrine and had its origin in Vatican Council II.

A confusion to which Benedict XVI is not believed to be reacting as he should.
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