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Full Version: Good Friday? I need help!
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Hi! Is anyone able to ehlp me? What is the Church's current rules for fasting on Good Friday in Australia? What are the traditonal rules as well?
The traditional rules are fast (ages 21+) and full abstinence.  Two collations and a single meatless meal. 

In the Novus Ordo, it is still fast (ages 18-59) and full abstinence (14+).  The only two days of Lent they fast are Ash Wednesday and Good Friday; they only abstain on Fridays during Lent.

The sick, nursing and pregnant mothers, etc., are exempt.  Fasting and abstinence should never make someone ill or at risk of illness.

I don't think there are any regional variations - Good Friday would most likely fall under universal rules.
What's the difference between 'fasting' and 'abstinance'? And what does 'fasting' actually mean, strictly speaking?
In the Latin Rite abstinence means no flesh meat.  Fasting means the physical amount of food taken in is restricted.  The Eastern Rites have different rules that are more ancient and stricter.
Try a water fast from noon Holy Thursday to noon Holy Saturday. Trust me. You will be able to more enter into the spirit of Good Friday being famished and slightly weakened. I have done this the last few years a recommend it, health permitting.
We observe the Eastern Rite fast rules which is no meat or dairy Good Friday...