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Full Version: Can anyone identify this Saint?
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Bishop Finn of the Kansas City - St Joseph Diocese is seeking help in identifying a Saint depicted in a recently discovered painting.
Here's the article from the blog for the diocesan newspaper, The Catholic Key.

It's the Martyrdom of St. Alexander of Bergamo painted by Ponziano Loverini.  Cecilia mentioned that in a comment on that blog yesterday timjp77.  Apparently "his body was found by a noble woman of the place (St. Grata) who recognized it because of the flowers growing up from his blood"

"St. Asteria is the patron of Bergamo in Lombardy in Italy.  She was the sister of St. Grata of Bergamo where, during the time of the persecutions under Emperors Diocletian and Maximian, they both were responsible for burying the body of St. Alexander. 
St. Grata was put to death for her deed, with Asteria also being responsible for the burial of her remains.
In 307, shortly after her sister’s martyrdom, St. Asteria was arrested, tortured and beheaded."

[Image: 91480A.JPG]   
Is that a good painting?