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Full Version: Resources on the Kingdom of God?
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I was wondering if anyone here had books, links, etc that they'd recommend on the Kingdom of God. For example, when we come to Jesus Christ and join His Church, we're a part of "the Kingdom".  We can live the faith, walk in fellowship with Him, know Him here on this earth. We "bring the Kingdom" to others when we share our faith, or reach out to someone in need. At the same time, the Kingdom also stretches into eternity. It's salvation, it's heaven, it's everything. It's how we fit into God's eternal plans, and how He inserts Himself into our lives, and how when He does that, it continues on after this life.

It's a huge topic. I'm probably not being very specific, I apologize. :)

But, does anyone have any books, links, resources etc that they'd like to pass along, regarding any aspect of the topic?

Thank you.  :)