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Ave Maria!

Are there any Secular Franciscans here at Fisheaters?
Ave Maria!

Been a Third Order member since 1992 perpetually professed since 1997

My experience with SOF has been at the local NO parish.  One evening they were having "directed adoration"  and took turns going to the sanctuary to offer their personal reflections on just about every environmentalist waco cause you could imagine.  They had a reflection on the evils of 'child labor raised chocolate".  They lamented that people don't have enough land (only 4.2 aches per person and I have no idea where they got the statistics.)  They spoke of the evils of carbon.  Sugar seemed to cause a great deal of grief. And of course we had to hear about the benefits of compact florescent bulbs.  And this went on and on for about an hour.

At first I was rather put off and considered leaving but stayed anyway.  By the end I had to lower my head into my folded arms.  I'm sure that someone must have thought that I was praying reverently.  But actually, I was trying to keep from laughing hysterically!
It is unfortunate, but that seems to be the case I hear with a lot of SFO communities.

I belong to another Third Order which is different than the SFO.  The order is the Franciscan Teriaries of the Immaculate (FTI) under the spiritual direction of the Franciscan of the Immaculate.  Though the friars still celebrate the NO they have begun to celebrate with more frequency the TLM.  This third order is more traditional and the rule is not the same as the SFO.

My grandparents are tertiaries, and they received the holy habit either over or just under 50 years ago. My great-grandfather was also a tertiary and had immense to St. Francis. He was also a Cristero and he fought en la Cristiada. He passed his devotion to his youngest son my grandfather, who shares it now with my grandmother.
Ave Maria!

The Franciscans of the Immaculate are just an amazing group!  I am an Associate of the M.I.M. 

We do not have the same type of experience with our O.F.S. in fact we see young people who are quite zealous, are in love with the TLM, and who are working at living the life of a Secular Franciscan according to the original spirit of our holy founder St. Francis.  These souls, may God bless them, are intent on working within the Order to live the religious life in the world, and abide by the evangelical counsels.

We have a wonderful man who was a seminarian with the Capuchins in Europe who is responsible for the formation of souls.  Awesome.

Good to know there are Brothers and Sisters here!

Pace e Bene!
I like the Confraternity of Pentients.

They use the original rule for the third order  - the Rule of 1221.  It's all on their website.  The only disadvantage from a trad standpoint is their use of the LoTH, but you can use the Little Office of  BVM or the Little Office of the Passion, both of which are traditional.  They have a detailed rule with areas of penance in clothing, fasting and abstinence, amount of time spent in prayer, and simplification of possessions.

Another very similar group that started as Secular Franciscans that wanted to return to a more detailed rule and found the rule of 1221 also is the Brothers and Sisters of Penance.  They are very similar to the Confraternity and the 2 organizations even merged for a while but eventually separated because their perceptions of how to live the rule in this day and age were just enough different.
Ave Maria!

  It is wonderful that the Confraternities are promoting the living of the ancient observance.  There is a difference though in that the O.F.S. is a true Order of the Church founded by St. Francis and not a Confraternity.  The Rule promulgated by Paul VI, although not as specific as the ancient text concerning some penitential aspects, does not forbid applying the older observances at all.  Rather it allows for the liberty of the souls involved to apply or not to apply the observances concerning corporal penance that they can handle.

  The O.F.S. Franciscan of course has the choice of praying the Liturgy of the Hours, the Little Office of the BVM, the Office of the Passion or the traditional Office of Paters. 

  Some people may think the Order had brushed much of its past aside, however this is very false.  What is promising is that there are souls out there who are familiar with the ancient observance of Nicholas IV, that of Leo XIII and of Paul VI and discern that there is no rupture in these Rules, only how they are applied by individuals and fraternities. 
Is Jovan?
(04-12-2011, 11:48 PM)CollegeCatholic Wrote: [ -> ]Is Jovan?

No. I've been a Carmelite Tertiary, tho', for almost 30 years.
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