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Full Version: zeal?
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I am a proud, right-wing extremist! My wife says I'm so far to the right I can't see the middle of the road anymore, and I say GOOD!

The philosophical roots of this "wishy-washyness" are Hegelian - thesis and antithesis will combine to make a synthesis. With an unhealthy mix of Eastern mysticism thrown in - ying and yang balance each other, all that nonsense.

gladius_veritatis Wrote:To moderns, anyone who actually believes something, and thinks it matters what you believe, is a fanatic. 

Except the Mohammedans, they love the Mohammedans...
Here is the answer to restoring the rough tough and zealous Catholicism you speak of.
unfortunately they are not up and running yet :(
Oh but they will be. I have a great feeling about that group. I have a friend who is considering joining.
Keep us posted this is a very interesting development.
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