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Full Version: Pope Benedict sacks "Bishop Bill"
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It's nice this happened in the far off diocese of Toowoomba, Australia. But there are so many others with higher profiles who need attention too. If faithful Catholic letter writers in Toowoomba can get the pope's attention, why not those in other places? Nice quote from the pope in the bishop's whining resignation letter. (He wanted "due process") "Canon law does not make provision for a process regarding bishops, whom the successor of Peter nominates and may remove from office." - Benedict XVI

Australian media are rallying around him:

Good for Papa Ben :]
I'm hoping there's a shortage of pink paper at the Vatican printing office real soon now...

(For pink slips if my reference was too obscure).

eh, I hate it when I have to explain my own witty commentary.
I will gladly donate lots of pink paper. Let's start a facebook group. Smile

The pink paper factory broke down 40 years ago. That's what started this whole mess.
Not content with to whine a little, the newly retired bishop is cutting loose:

“I believe there is creeping centralism, a creeping authoritarianism and fallibility in the way the church operates and discusses issues,” he said. “It is not just Pope Benedict: it is the whole Curia, with Benedict as the leader.”

“It was like the Inquisition,” Bishop Morris added. “He [Pope Benedict] was immovable. There was no dialogue.”

“It has been my experience and the experience of others that Rome controls bishops by fear, and if you ask questions or speak openly on subjects that Rome declares closed, . . . you are censored very quickly, told your leadership is defective . . . and are threatened with dismissal,” the prelate told the priests of his diocese.

I hope he is right about the "creeping centralism" and authoritarianism. Plainly he has no clue how the Church still defines itself. There is much more for Rome to learn from this I think. Namely, that far too many in the Church no longer know the essence of Church governance and what it really means. That of course,  has been obvious to some of us for a long time.

Some new information is out about this case which shows the Vatican asked for Bishop Morris' resignation repeatedly after the Apostolic Visitation of 2007. Morris refused every time and once even refused in an audience with the Pope. One point that I find very interesting is that Morris asked what constituted "grave cause" for removal of a bishop and the Vatican replied that it was up to the Congregation of Bishops to decide. That's an important point as some have argued here and elsewhere (such as Mr. Lawler at Catholic culture) that only the Pope could decide that.
Full chronology here: