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Full Version: St. John of Avila, a new Doctor of the Church?
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"The semi-official daily of the Church in France, La Croix, reported yesterday that the procedure for the proclamation of Saint John of Avila Doctor of the Church is all but completed.

"The move was first proposed by the Spanish episcopate. After a favorable opinion of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the matter was considered by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints which, on May 3, also approved the proclamation. The proclamation is now under the final consideration of the Holy Father, who could issue the announcement during "World Youth Day", in Madrid (Aug. 2011)."

His spiritual wisdom made some GREAT Saints too!

"Spiritual director of Saint Teresa of Avila, Saint Francis Borgia, Saint John of God, Saint John of the Cross, Saint Peter of Alc√°ntara, and Saint Louis of Granada."
That is great to hear! It's about time!

Way to go! Applause Cheerleader  Thumb Big Grin Angel Monstrance

Saint John, pray for us.