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Full Version: Taking the Papacy seriously: Tu es Petrus
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Here is quote from the recently deposed Bishop of Toowoomba in Australia, I am sure that you have already heard the story. However this "Bishop" is now giving interviews to whom ever would hear him as far as his many reasons to why he is not to blame and how Rome is out of touch, you know the usual.

However here is a quote I had not heard before and I got to tell you if true I like it. Collegiality my butt. 

"I came against a brick wall. And then eventually the Pope said to me 'Canon law does not make provision for a process regarding bishops, whom the successor of St Peter nominates and may remove from office.'"

And with that it was all over for Bishop... errr.... deposed Bishop Morris.
This is our Cathedral - you can see "TU ES PETRUS" inscribed around the cupola. Love it.

[Image: F.jpg]
St. Gregory said in regards to the Apostolic See, "if any fault is found in bishops, I know not what bishop is not subject to it. But when no fault requires it to be otherwise, all according to the principle of humility are equal."

It seems to me there was fault found in this bishop.