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Full Version: Holy Father in Venice: True Love Defends the Truth
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Holy Father in Venice: True Love Defends the Truth
Vatican: Yesterday Pope Benedict XVI celebrated Mass in Mestre by Venice. 300.000 faithful and those eager to see him came to the event held in the open air. The Pope warned in his sermon of a hollowing out of the Faith. The Church must courageously defend the Faith and the unity of the Church. The Holy Father journeyed to Mestre and back to Venice via motorboat.

That's it, just an excerpt.
Thank you for sharing.  I used to live there (both Mestre and Venice).  I learned a lot about the local history, cuisine, and dialect.  If only I had taken the Faith as seriously back then!  Now I'm praying for my old Italian friends.
Seeing the Holy Father on the gondola made itlook like it was the Middle Ages again. Smile Smile Smile