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Full Version: Pro-Homosexual Republican Legislator Threatens Priest
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Pro-Homosexual Republican Legislator Threatens Local Priest
Editor: This provides a clear illustration to support anyone who has to explain why people shouldn't support the right-wing Liberals in the Repugnican Party. The following exchange not only shows an incredible lack of professionalism, but outright hostility to the social issues which put this representative in office in the first place. Representative Kriesel will be hard pressed to keep his seat and may have to do some fancy footwork not to find himself thrown out of the Republican party for such an over display of hostility and rudeness to someone who had supported him in the past, even referring to the priest, Father Eckert, a Lt Colonel in the Air National Guard, as "Mr. Eckert".

The State Senator is known for his service in Iraq and losing both of his legs in a roadside attack in 2006. If he plans on maintaining a political career, he's going to have to eat some serious crow and get better people working for him who aren't going to create enemies unnecessarily. He's a blue collar guy who should probably have stayed being a blue collar guy. He just alienated himself from most of his constituency.