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Full Version: Modernist Indoctrination: 8th Grade Religion Textbook/Workbook, ca. 2003-2004
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A Nugget from the Era of John Paul the Great

I was cleaning my room today, and found my old "religion class" textbook/workbook from when I was in 8th grade at parochial school, Christ Our Life:  The Church Then And Now, published by Loyola Press and copyright 1997, 2002.

[Image: loyo-15408.jpg]

Thought I'd share with all of you a passage from very early on:

Quote:Christians who are not Catholic share our faith in many ways.  Protestants believe in Jesus and his teachings.  They believe that the Bible is God's holy Word.  They celebrate Baptism and the Lord's Supper.  Clearly they are closely linked with us in the Holy Spirit.  Jewish people, too, are related to the Church in a special way because of their faith in God.  They are God's chosen people and Jesus' ancestors.  All other people who believe in God, like the Muslims, and all those who seek God are also related to us.  To a lesser degree, people who do not know Christ but who live according to their conscience are also joined to us.  (21)

Notice how when your eyes scan the words, a faint strain of "kumbayah" rings in your ears?  Probably a good thing I rarely paid attention in that class.

And for anybody wondering...

Quote:Nihil Obstat:  The Reverend Theodore Marszal, S.T.D., M.Div., Censor Deputatus
Imprimatur:  The Most Reverend Anthony M. Pilla, D.D., M.A., Bishop of Cleveland
Given at Cleveland, Ohio, on 18 March 1997.  (2)

Both are in need of a good  :fish:
(05-10-2011, 11:52 PM)tmw89 Wrote: [ -> ]Notice how when your eyes scan the words, a faint strain of "kumbayah" rings in your ears?  Probably a good thing I rarely paid attention in that class.

Make it stop :(

Reminds me of my grade 11 World Religions textbook.  It taught blatant universalism...not all that surprising in a catholic high school.  Oh and it used that old tired imagery of all world's religion trying to climb the same mountain towards God, and that the closer we got to Him, the closer we got to each other.  Awwww.
:puke:  I think it would be better to be scarred by public schools than this garbage.  So many lost little souls.  :(
I remember those textbooks...I don't dare go read through the textbooks my siblings are given, I couldn't bear the revulsion.
Reminds me of my grade 11 World Religions textbook.

My memory of religion class at my Catholic high school was also from the 11th grade. My freshman year was public HS. Number 5 of 9 children, my parents decided it was too expensive to send the remainder of my sibs to Catholic school. It was 1968. My soph year got a job and paid my own way 1969. Religion class was the same as it had been previous years. Junior year 1970 still at Catholic HS the changes came. No more religion book, just a lot of colorful "flyers" espousing stangeness. The buzz word around my house that year and years to come was "sensitivity training". My parents were onto all the changes since they were informed by some of the priests what was really going on.