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Full Version: RomeReports lies about what the Instruction says.
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I listened to this soundbite and RomeReports lies about the Instruction making it seem as though you have to be fluent in latin to celebrate it. They also make it sound as though the EF can't inpede on an OF celebration and that "a sufficiently large group of faithful ask for it." Fr Z says that there is NO NUMBER given, so this is wrong. They also make it sound as though a EF celebration shouldn't interupt regulary scheduled masses at a parish. Since When? Fr Z read the entire thing on a podcast and that was NEVER mentioned! Lies!!
  OF vs EF.....

16. In the case of a priest who presents himself occasionally in a parish church or an oratory with some faithful, and wishes to celebrate in the forma extraordinaria, as foreseen by articles 2 and 4 of the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum, the pastor or rector of the church, or the priest responsible, is to permit such a celebration, while respecting the schedule of liturgical celebrations in that same church.

Priests and Latin......

b.    Regarding the use of the Latin language, a basic knowledge is necessary, allowing the priest to pronounce the words correctly and understand their meaning.
c.    Regarding knowledge of the execution of the Rite, priests are presumed to be qualified who present themselves spontaneously to celebrate the forma extraordinaria, and have celebrated it previously.

That's what it says... some groups will try and twist it to meet their own agenda in fighting off the TLM.
Someone lying about traditional Catholicism?!?  I'm shocked, shocked I tell you!

Eh, par for the course, unfortunately.