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Full Version: Any update on Fr. Corapi?
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It's been almost two months. I would have thought that the investigation would have long been concluded by now.
I just Googled on this the other day and I couldn't find anything either. Would love to hear an update!
I was wondering the same.  Sadly it looks like while the authorities convicted at the moment of the accusation, they will take their time on hearing the case.

Do we have a means of contacting him?  I think it would be a good thing for those of us in the traditionalist bloc to reach out to him.  To see someone betrayed is always horrific (I am with Dante when it comes to backstabbers) and this was a horrific case: NeoCatholics ran from this Priest at the slightest event. 

And so I wonder, if they are willing to literally run from a devoted Priest the moment a (very flimsy) accusation is made, when Catholicism becomes legally confronted where will these Neos be?
This could send him to the SSPX. Like everyone else I have no evidence, yet I believe he is innocent.

This could send him to the SSPX? I heard Father Corapi doesn't like the Latin Mass
During a persecution one looks deeply into one's soul, that might send him there, but I've never heard him speak pro or con on the TLM.

The only thing I have heard him say about the TLM was "I have seen NO Masses said irreverently and I have seen NO Masses said reverently just as I have seen Latin Masses said irreverently and reverently." So he must have had some exposure to the TLM in his day which isn't surprising since he probably grew up with the Latin Mass.

From what I understand, he spoke highly of the FSSP and their work. So perhaps he does view the TLM favorably.
(05-14-2011, 10:07 PM)salus Wrote: [ -> ]This could send him to the SSPX? I heard Father Corapi doesn't like the Latin Mass

He's no enemy to it.  I don't think it's easy for him to learn it though at the age of 63.  I've heard him get a few simple Latin phrases wrong on occasion. ( I'm no scholar and I may be wrong, but I think he gets the suffixes wrong. "non Serviam" he calls "non Serviat" )

In Nebraska last year he was saying he hadn't known the FSSP was so active in the area and thought it was a great thing. 

Fr. Corapi is like a Vatican II filter.  He knows how to explain things in conformity with the constant teaching of the Church (a few areas I would disagree with him on, EENS and such)

But it's better to listen to him explain the Catechism of the Catholic Church than to read it and get mislead by the commentaries. 

I wish he'd done a series on the Trent Catechism instead though. 
I can speak from experience for a 63 yr. old. It ain't that tough to memorize the Mass. By the time I was twelve I could sing the ordinary for the mass without my Missal. Once in a bar, and not having been to Mass in nearly forty years I sang the Gloria, with a NO type that remembered too. In Chicago all most all are at least nominal Catholics. We flabbergasted 'em.

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