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Full Version: Matthew 7, 13:14
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What do you think God means by verse 14:

..................................and few there are that find it

He's saying that few will even find the narrow road to heaven (the Catholic Church and Sacraments) Or Lord is insinuating that most people don't even know how to get to heaven forget about how they behave, they are lost. So we see salvation is a gift from God and should thank him that he gave us the Catholic faith.

That's why we as Catholics are told to go out and lead the lost to the Catholic Church because it is the narrow road he mentioned. It's also why the dogma Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus (Outside the Church No Salvation) came about because people started believing salvation could be found on any road on their own terms. Definitely a LIE Satan spread to lead souls astray and eventually to Hell, how clever the evil one is.
He gave the world the Catholic Faith. And of course he told the Apostles and the Brethren to preach the Gospel to all the ends of the earth.

But, unfortunately, even most Catholics will fail to find the narrow gate. You have to be in the world, but not of the world. Not an easy thing to do these days.

But then read the next verse:
Quote:Beware of false prophets, who come to you in the clothing of sheep, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

They have always been, are currently, and always will be these wolves in Holy Mother Church, unto the Consumation of the World.

And look at all the areas for divide and conquer even among the Traditionalists. It's a sordid scene. But, hey, our Lord never said it was going to be easy.

I really messed up the other day and went to Confession. It was one of those weeks I can only describe as a boomerang week. I went to Confession, but fell badly into the same sin in short order and had to go back to Confession within 3 days. But I received one of the best pennances ever. Maybe the best. He told me to read Chapter 15 of the Gospel of St. John. I had not read it entire for awhile. Getting bits and pieces of it in the Divine Office and Mass. But, I'll tell you what, whenever I feel that temptation coming upon me again, I'm going to read that Chapter as it is readily marked in my little volume of Psalms and New Testament. It was profound. And, may I add, I received it from a NO priest. 
The "narrow gate" is a metaphor.  Entering it or finding it or "striving to enter" means being faithful to Christ, to pick up your cross and follow Him.  We all have our own crosses and they are not an easy load -- a real burden.  Christ does not make it easy for us to enter heaven (though Protestants think so), as it was for Him a great task to pay the debt of our sins so we can be partakers of the divine Life.

We strive and try with great difficulty against sin and trials, unlike the wide gate and broad way that leads to destruction which are "free" of encumbrances and trials, etc.

Christ keeps mentioning what the costs of being a true follower are, being a true Catholic.

Luke 14:27 "And whosoever doth not carry his cross and come after me, cannot be my disciple. 28 For which of you having a mind to build a tower, doth not first sit down, and reckon the charges that are necessary, whether he have wherewithal to finish it." 

" ... he who endures to the end will be saved." Mathew 10:22

By our perseverance we are saved; it is the reward for our salvation. Those who do not strive and endure to the end will not saved.

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