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Full Version: From the I'm Shocked File: Cardinal George Capitulates to Fr. Pfleger
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After that bright idea of moving Fr. Pfleger to a Catholic high school, His Eminence capitulated to the heretical community at St. Sabina.

Fr. Pfleger will remain at the parish while he prepares a 'transition plan' which he is to submit by December.

To me, this is text book bad parenting.  This horribly formed Priest is allowed to go wild for decades and only late in the game does his shepherd, in an exceedingly weak manner, attempt to discipline him.  Keep in mind that it was barely more than a year ago that the Cardinal presented an award to Fr. Pfleger despite the full, open, manifest schismatic and heretical activities at St. Sabina in Chicago.

A handful of contributors at Father Z's blog rightly predicted the essense of this outcome; sadly, the TLM defender cum Reform of the Reformist cleric seems to think this outcome is positive.

It really comes down to this: Do we believe that Heaven is a birthright which we lose only if we join the Taliban, or every day are we to prayerfully grow in faith, confess our sins, and hope to attain salvation?  If it is the latter, which is the Faith, can anyone honestly say that the attendees at St. Sabina are in less danger of perpetual separation from God and the Saints with Fr. Pfleger staying than if a Bishop cracked down?
Just read up on what RCF had to do to get rid of homosexual molesters in the Arch diocese.  Card. George is not very conservative when it comes down to governing.
There is no good explaination of this. It is wrong, but the Lord will have his talk with them, not me.

Lord have mercy on boh of them,

(05-23-2011, 08:27 PM)kingtheoden Wrote: [ -> ]schismatic and heretical activities at St. Sabina in Chicago.

…can anyone honestly say that the attendees at St. Sabina are in less danger of perpetual separation from God and the Saints with Fr. Pfleger staying than if a Bishop cracked down?

Since Fr. Pfleger is very popular with his parishioners, it is likely that if he'd been removed at this time, many of them would have left not only St. Sabina but the Church, which would certainly separate them from God and the Saints.

Catholics shouldn't be that attached to priests, the Church is not about who your priest is, but when a priest is left in one place for twenty years, people do become attached to him. (Some would probably like to see him gone, too; I'd be surprised if everybody at the parish loves him, although those who grew tired of him may have already changed parishes, or joined Protestant churches.  They may come back when he goes, though.  I've seen that happen before.)

Past bishops who allowed him to stay at St. Sabina for so long are responsible for this.  The current bishop was in a no-win situation.  Whatever he did was going to make people mad.  If Fr. Pfleger is transferred after a year of preparation for a new priest and that extra year makes the parishioners feel that they were treated fairly, and that he was treated fairly, then it may be worth it.  Let's pray that all bishops take a lesson from this and not let any priest get too comfy in one parish.

This isn't the first time for Fr. Pfleger. I think it's the third time. He has made St. Sabina's into the Catholic version of Operation Push ala Jesse Jackson et al. Cardinal George attended one of his masses when he came and said "it's reverent but I'm not sure it's mass." This issue has been going on in Chicago since Msgr. Egan (not the one now) and Saul Alinsky "organized" the Church. It goes back to the early fifties and the neighborhood called "back of the yards". Fr. Clement preceded him in adopting a kid back in the 80"s. The Archdiocese is mid-western in nature and appears conservative as a vestige of it's parochial beginnings, but underneath is socialism.

Revixit, its weak kneed comments like your previous post that make me glad your not a bishop.

The weak response from bishop will only encourage dissenters.  Fr Heretic and Fr Blasphemer and Fr Nut Job will preach on and do their thing and if anyone questions them, then they'll say, "see, I'm not as bad as Fr Pfleger and he wasn't excommunicated or anything".