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Full Version: No additional Latin Masses says Archbishop - Universae Ecclesia
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(05-29-2011, 03:16 PM)JRforhope Wrote: [ -> ]Well folks, here in the UK I've already applied to the local parish priests and had my request rejected. My family just isn't enough of a 'stable group.'

"I have no intention of ever saying a Mass in Latin either in public or private. Phone St. Catherines Stanifield Lane Farington 01772 421174"

Nice, Father!

I then went to the Archbishop and argued back & forth - all in writing of course - & all the Latin masses we have are what we'll get.

He still thinks travelling outside the parish boundaries is ok. Is this generous provision? Not to me it ain't.

Until my family can ask and have the Latin Mass in the local parish to fulfill the Sunday Obligation, wherever we may be, for all practical reality the Latin Mass has in no way been liberated, freed or expanded in any way.

I asked what a 'stable group' meant and he simply did not answer the question.

Universae Ecclesia doesn't apply here I guess.

Onward and upward ... the battle continues ...


I can understand how You feel, I keep meaning to ask my Parish Priest for the Older form but I can only find one other person who would be interested plus I feel he might not like the idea, but He can only say no! Another Priest would have to come and celebrate the Mass aswell
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