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Full Version: Al Qaeda Urges Attacks Against "Zionist" Targets Like the Pope
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Al Qaeda Urges Attacks Against "Zionist" Targets Like the Pope

[, Vienna]The security measures for Pentecost were enormous.

There have been no comments from the Italian security authorities and also not from the Vatican about Islamic threats, where the Pope and Italy's Minister Silvio Berlusconi were identified as "easy targets to hit".

In a video message about the political security, the internet site "Stratfor" said on Saturday, that attacks against politicians, business leaders and media representatives who are controlled "by the Zionists".  So, one can fulfill the desires of those people who fight for Islam, said the US-American Al Kaeda speaker Azzam al-Amriki. The attacks on such targets would not be difficult, as the most recent examples of the Pope and Berlusconi show.