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Full Version: Bishop Williamson fires lawyer - digs his own grave
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Bishop Williamson has fired the lawyer for his process in Germany, that is due to start soon. According to his former lawyer, Bishop Williamson did not agree with his strategy of defense. The lawyer wanted to argue that the interview was made for Swedish TV and not meant to for the German public. As holocaust denial is only punishable if done in public in Germany, that would mean that Bishop Wiliamson could be cleared. This lawyer has been successful with this strategy in the past.
But Bishop Williamson wants to prove in court that his remarks in the interview were true. People have tried that before, and nobody has ever succeeded.

If you ask me, BW is doing this on purpose to derail the contacts between the SSPX and Rome (see other thread). He has known the strategy of the lawyer for more than half a year, and chose the lawyer himself. He also knows that it is impossible to succeed by proving that his remarks were true (even if he were to magically achieve that), because the law of Germany does not ask for the truth. So he decided to make himself a "martyr" in order to prevent the SSPX from "compromising" with Rome.
Whatever you say, Schadenfreude.
Probably not his wisest choice, just sayin'
(06-21-2011, 01:53 AM)LausTibiChriste Wrote: [ -> ]Probably not his wisest choice, just sayin'

If it shows the hypocrisy of the whole thing, why not?
Moreover, this Blechtrommel dude's a poison pen, inmho.
i'm not going to toss a grenade into this raging inferno, but just to say perhaps + B. Williamson does not want to " get off " on what he in conscience may feel is a technicality ( Swedish/German law point ).
All i know with every fibre of my being is that the people who we dont mention want, indeed must have, no further discussion and publicity and he knows that.
With due respect to His Excellency, I think this is the wrong move. 

There is a rock solid chance that the court convicts him and then this episode never ends.  It is an issue forbidden from discussion here on this forum, and even more so will not shift in the modernist freemasonic courts. 

Attention should be paid to evangelism and bringing more souls to the Faith, not official political accounts.
Looks like he's having a Fr. Corapi moment.

Originally the number was 5 million. Do you know where that came from ? It came from the survivors left in the camps when they were liberated. With all sorrow for their agony, how would a starving emaciated dehydrated man know how many ? Simon Weisenthal the SS hunter said 5 million is an exaggeration.
A little light on this subject would be very good.

(06-21-2011, 01:26 AM)Freudentaumel Wrote: [ -> ]

As holocaust denial is only punishable if done in public in Germany, that would mean that Bishop Wiliamson could be cleared. T

This is not true.You can be extradited to Germany  from anywhere in  the EU for " H.Denial" .You can also be indicted in Germany for comments made anywhere on the planet...just don't go near the country after the fact...
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