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Full Version: Traditional Book Recommendations
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Ok what in your opinion are must read/have books for the traditional Catholic? I am a bookworm to no end, even if it is something obscure, I'll read it.  ;D
Being that today is the Feast of St. Thomas More, I recommend his work entitled [i]A Dialogue of Comfort against Tribulation.

[Image: 434.jpg]
"The Imitation of Christ" by Thomas a Kempis
"Introduction to the devout life" by St. Francis de Sales

"Kristin Lavransdaughter" by Sigrid Undset. Simply one of the best novels ever.
G.K. Chesterton (All works after his conversion)

Hilaire Belloc (everything)

Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson (novels)

William Thomas Walsh (History)
Anything by Garrigou-Lagrange, one of the greatest Thomists of the previous century.
Fulton Sheen's Life of Christ.  A must for any Catholic bookshelf.
I will add to the other great suggestions.......
1) The Glories of Mary (once you read this, you *will* need more.........
2) The Mystical City of God - unabridged - here is a link to read it for free on-line......