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Full Version: Canadian Sportscastor Fired for Defending Marriage
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Homos freak out in the Media Entertainment complex and a real man gets fired.  They're gloating now, but this isn't going to last forever.
Poor guy - it'll be interesting to see what career he had to switch to.
Michael Coren did an interview with him too.  I have a feeling his lawsuit is going to be a success...
Cultural Marxism strikes again.
I was hopin' it'd be Gerry Dee or Cabby, because that would be badass, but still, good for him and I do hope he is vindicated. This country is getting out of hand.
It won't be long before orthodox Catholics won't be allowed in certain professions unless they agree to do as the goverment tells them. Like becoming doctors and being required to give out contraceptives and perform abortions. Being a psychiatrist/psychologist and not getting a license if you say homosexual behaior is unnatural . i could go on and on.
Lookin at the numbers I we resisted in any meaningfull wsy they wouldn't be able to do squat
face it
the enemy gets these victories because they'd outflankkng and ou organizing us. Who r numericly superior snd should be ablero put a balance up that would be heedded
intesd the new religion only aids the enemy
This message isn't doing well in Eastern Europe
what messege?
The message that two men disgracing themselves is normative.
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