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Full Version: Father Tom & Rick Everyone!
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Coming to a stage (church) near you!  I'm sure this is a lesson the kids will never forget, but seriously?

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQYWzW0iPWHENh40XpKqx7...i6vN_s0MAD]
I might surprise some people on this -

Keeping in mind the anarchy of Novus Ordoland, that Bishops are too busy canonizing West Virginia Senators and aggressively promoting adultery (through Annulment councils) and so on, if we assess things in this insane context, Father Tom & Rick's performance was actually much better than what most Catholic elementary school children are presented.

Unless I missed it or he mentioned it outside of the video, Father missed the perfect conclusion: To get rid of all the spiritual dirt, which is much worse than an egg and chocolate, the way to clean this is asking God for forgiveness and receiving it at Confession.

This obviously should not have been mixed in with Mass, but then the Novus Ordo should never have been released from the crack in Tartarus whence it came.  Considering all things, I think Father was trying to do at least some shepherding (he did say anger and pornography are very bad after all), and that is worth a lot more than the wholesale pimping out of the Church commonly seen by 'conservative' prelates.

The answer to this is sublime faith in the Tridentine Rite (or Sarum if it would ever be restored, which is unlikely on this side of the great divide) and Hope.  That, no matter how lunatic things are, Christ did truly suffer and defeated death.