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Full Version: GSI Officially Recognized in Bogota
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Good news. The Good Shephed Institute (GSI or IBP in Spanish) has recently been allowed to set up a public apostolate in Bogota.  They were also allowed to have a TLM in the Basilica.  To my knowledge, outside of Campos, this is the first official TLM at a major Church/Basilica in South America in the last 30-40 years or so.  Here are some pictures of the TLM.
[Image: RSCN1247.JPG?psid=1]


For some time we have been funding an independent priest in Bogota named Fr. Pinzon.  He used to be a missionary priest going out amongst the indians during the commie revolution, who became convinced he had to say only the TLM (he might have had a vision, I can't remember).  So he found out about the SSPX and was trained by them.  However, he stayed independent, so they weren't particularly happy with him. After saying masses in people's homes for awhile, he was given a building to use for mass.  Our foundation funded improvements to it, including adding some apartments for priests to stay at, so they could be taught the TLM.  When the IBP was formed, Fr. Pinzon contacted them and asked to join.  However, this was thwarted by his bishop for a few years.  Now there is a new Trad-friendly bishop in Bogota, who has approved of the IBP officially setting up in Bogota.  Though the email did not say it, I am assuming that Fr. Pinzon is now incardinated with the IBP.  Here's our cheesy website.  The important part is that it is the only tax-deductible way I know of to support the IBP in South America. ICMISSIONS

We are currently funding a new Trad project in South America that involves a lot of seminarians. I can not give any more details due to the extreme hostility to Tradition down there.  However, if you want to donate serious money (3 or 4 or more zeros), you can PM me and I'll give you the details.  Another victory in our war.
That's a beautiful altar
Now THAT is an Altar.  ;D
Deo Gratias
The Altar is magnificent!
Fr. Pinzon has sent an email confirming that he is indeed incardinated now with the IBP.  He also said he is spreading the TLM in other places, but I can not give more details.  His next project is to expand the chapel.

Please offer up prayers of thanksgiving.  This is a pretty big victory in our war to reestablish Tradition, and opens up many possibilities, which we will be exploiting.  Bogota is the center of the Catholic Faith in South America.  And evidently we now have a friendly bishop in charge of the archdiocese.
I believe so.  I never payed attention to the name.  It was always the Archbishop of Bogota.  Which is who you are indicating in your link.
Great news! Laus Deo. I was confused for a minute by 'GSI' since I always think of them under their French title. Smile
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