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Full Version: Best religious Order
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Please vote for your favorite Catholic Religious Order! Apologies if your favorite was not posted as an option.  Smile
I voted SSPX even though they aren't really an order.
I would put all the traditional orders, they are all doing their part to restore the destruction that was done by many of the other orders with the bishops and diocesan priests.
It was between the SSPX and the Benedictines but I chose the SSPX even though they have a Benedictine order.

Its a close fight between Dominicans and SSPX. Go Dominicans!
SSPX is not a religious order. 
It's a sill question
best at what? Though a traditional one if u take the Cluniac and cistercian competition of wya back when they were essentially raiding eabother monataries for the best monks
it was actually a very serious confrontation. Then u have th Dominicans and feansiscsns ver hassling eschother over who got what on the popes orders lol then u toss then jezwits!!!!!
so after thinking about it
it's a solid question after all
I don't think there has been a new order since Trent. 

societies and communities r not orders
(07-15-2011, 09:42 PM)Someone1776 Wrote: [ -> ]SSPX is not a religious order. 

Embarrassed Oops. Sorry about that.
40 lashes!!
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