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Full Version: Jeff Mirus Cites anti-Clerical Paper on Possible Eucharistic Miracle
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Already commented on this... it just seems to us that the Dicocese is responding to this in a way that indicates more than healthy skepticism about the phenom, but hostility, since the parish where it's alleged to be happening is a Latin Mass Center.  Of course the photo they took of Father Echert is absolutely disgraceful and insulting:

‘Blood-red’ Host investigated in Minnesota
RSS Facebook July 15, 2011
After a consecrated Host was accidentally dropped on the floor during Mass on June 19, Father John Echert placed it in water so that it could dissolve and intended later to pour the water into the sacrarium. Instead, part of the Host turned red, and the Host has yet to dissolve fully. The Archdiocese of St. Paul - Minneapolis is now investigating the phenomenon.

“I make no claims, and the archdiocese makes no claims, as to the likelihood of this being supernatural,” said Father Echert, pastor of St. Augustine and Holy Trinity Churches in South St. Paul. “But it is enough of a phenomenon, or unusual, that we will continue to examine this host.”

“I've never in my 24 years as a priest seen or been aware of a phenomenon where a consecrated Host placed in water turns to this bright-colored red and continues in what I would call the blood-red color,” he added.

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    Communion wafer turns "blood red" in South St. Paul - miracle, or bacterial? (St. Paul Pioneer Press)