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Full Version: Irish dioceses to be restructured
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This is a big deal since these sees have been literally set in stone for centuries, when the Anglican Church of Ireland did the same 170 years ago it caused so much controversy that it sparked the Oxford movement that produced Newman et al...  (Anglicans had identical rump diocese to the Catholic ones)

"Following the publication of the results of the apostolic visitation of four Irish archdioceses, the Holy See will “reduce the number of Irish dioceses” and “appoint surprise candidates to newly-amalgamated dioceses,” according to Kieron Wood, writing in the Sunday Business Post.

Three of Ireland’s 26 sees--Cloyne, Kildare and Leighlin, and Limerick--are vacant following resignations tendered in the wake of the sex-abuse scandals, and an additional three have bishops over the age of 75. "
This seems to be window dressing, just preach and teach the faith correctly and if any priest, nun or employee starts pushing false teachings remove him pronto! If they molest a kid turn them over to the state, its quite simple if you hire people that love the faith.