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Full Version: Proud of my kid
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    I’m having one of those “pride” moments, but it’s about my kid so it’s all good;

    My eldest is a fourteen year old boy.  Just a normal fourteen year old kid that’s into normal boy stuff, video games, guitars, cars, girls and etc.  Last week he said he needed to go to confession, but his mom and I kind of blew him off.  The reason was because we couldn’t go to our normal parish that week because of my work schedule and we didn’t want to take him to the local Novus Ordo parish because they had a visiting priest and you never know what you’ll get.
      Anyway, to make a long story short, he got all upset with us because we were “slowing his spiritual growth by not allowing him to go to confession”.  He was very tuned into the fact of how it’s a mortal sin to receive Christ in the Eucharist if you’ve committed any mortal sins.  His mother and I were sooooooooo proud!!!
    I give all the credit to God’s grace first of all, our blessed Mother the sweet Virgin who I know keeps a close eye on our family, St. Padre Pio who my son greatly admires, our wonderful FSSP priest and his fine example, and also our fellow parishioners and their examples of piety. 
    Ok.  I’ll get off my soap box now.     
Thanks for sharing. Sometimes I worry how my kids will be when they hit the teenage years, but your story gives me some hope! It sounds like you're raising him well, keep up the good work!
Praise God!

You have cause to be proud of your son.  Smile
Wonderful! You've got a great kid, there.

I'm noticing more and more that teenagers are making the bulk of the confession line. I once noticed three teens come into the back of the church together and huddle near the empty confessional. When a priest finally came around the corner I thought they were going to tackle him, saying, Father, are you hearing confessions today? My grin was like this  ;D
My experience with high schoolers is that they are hungry for confession.
At a boy!